Kedarkantha - Abode of Lord Shiva

One of the most popular winter treks, camping at Juda-ka-Talab, watching the sunrise at 12,500 ft., 360-degree view of snow-covered mountains, resting in the lap of Lord Shiva.


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2021-04-02 3 min read

“People don’t take trips, trips take people.”

                                                                      – John Steinbeck 

It was on the 2nd of May when the sun at the east was peeping out behind the clouds, and we were waiting for a few to join us. It was 9 a.m. on the fresh summer day. They finally arrived and we departed, in a train which took us to Dehradun. We then took a bus to Sankri. Accompanied by a group of enthusiastic people on the bus, we played Truth or dare, bluff, and Mafia with them. Despite our expectations, we developed a very good bond at the earliest. On the way, in our exciting journey, we were amazed by the scenic beauty of the Yamuna river and the wide-spread Pine forests. Meanwhile, the bus stopped. YES! We reached Sankri. Our joy bound no words. We kept our luggage safe in our base camp and got ready fast to start our first summer trek.

With no further delay, we all began. Our minds were all set with the aim of completing the trek within a few hours. Eventually, we felt exhausted during the journey and thought to rest. But then we realized that we had just finished a single kilometer! In Spite of the exhaustion and debilitation, our seniors motivated us to keep our spirits high. A part of our team who were playing songs was suggested to enjoy vocals and visuals, by a senior, instead of using electronics. Meanwhile, one of our friends shared a bagful of gummy bears with us, which really helped us to take easier breaths at higher altitudes.

After climbing planes and rocks, we reached a checkpoint-a mesmerizing lake, hidden between the snow-covered majestic mountains, offering scenic Himalayan landscapes - JUDA KA TALAB. Greeneries around were enhancing the grace of Heaven. Nearby the lake, we encountered a hut-like place, where we were served hot Maggie to satiate our hunger. We continued our move. At a point in time, we realized that most of us were suffering mild headaches and the reason wondered us all because we had crossed 9000 ft !!! It was dusk and we decided to camp. The location was a semi-snowy ground with green trees around and we all worked together to make our tents. Yep! Our tents were ready and then it was bonfire time! However, gathering sticks was a hectic task. One of the seniors, who had been to almost 10-12 treks, narrated us horror stories. We were thoroughly enjoying the moment with chit-chat commentaries. We then decided to doze off under the twinkly sky lit up with a million stars, admiring how the Milky Way was spewing its milk across the sky.

Our next wonderful day started at 4 a.m. We all were up in the dawn to catch the glimpse of the serene, spectacular sunrise from an altitude of 12,000 ft. After the long admiration, carrying the peaceful vibes, we continued on our way to the top of the peak. Yeah! We finally did it. We reached a place which is least intervened by humans. Our cheerfulness bound no words. Everything around was eye-catching. We were admiring each and every moment and we clicked lotta pictures there thereby saving those moments. We also found a beautiful Lord Shiva idol which added more bliss to the place. We worshipped with complete serenity. We were still glaring at the vast, widespread mountains. All of us were sunk in the awe of the marvelous scenery.

After staying there for a long while, we decided to descend. We decided to enjoy it to the fullest as we were then aware of the path. Few of us slid the snowy steeps. It was undoubtedly fun. It was dusk again and we were again into tenting and chit-chat mode, sharing our memories with each other which multiplied the happiness. Next day of descending started with hesitation at dawn because the water was damn cold that none literally dared to touch it. We continued the descent. We were almost back to the bottom and noticed our tanned skin blaming the hot sun. Eventually, it was dusk again and we made our tents ready. We engaged our chit-chats with interesting games. We played Uno, True or Dare, and a few more. Again our chit-chats continued very long that we legit ended the conversation discussed Egyptian Mythology.

 Our trip came to an end and it was time to return back. We were cherishing the moments with memories but still were with a heavy heart to leave the magnificent place. Those stilled memories in cameras and phones will stay evident for our entire lifetime. This gist of our Kedar Kantha journey puts us in Nostalgia and YEAH! OUR JOURNEY CONTINUES...

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