Baraadsar Lake Trek - Trek to a lake amidst the meadows

The trail to Baradsaar Lake takes you through picturesque meadows, brown oak and pine forests, massive clearings with breathtaking mountain views, and finally over a ridge that separates the Rupin and Supin valleys with excellent panoramic views.


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2021-06-04 2 min read

When everything feels like an uphill struggle, just think of the view from the top.”

On 13th of September as per the plan we need to start our journey for Baraadsar lake trek. The trek of Baraadsar lake is located at an altitude of 4400 meters between Rupin and Supin valley in the Himalayas. We rent a car from Dehradun and started heading towards Himri in the afternoon. It was a 7-hour drive through Purola village. All four of us knew driving and it was very easy. We reached there at around 10 pm and camped there. The splashing sound of Rupin river over there was really amazing and we enjoyed it a lot.

The next day, we traveled to Bheetri village. The trek started there actually crossing beautiful villages and a pond to reach Kurla thach. Kurla thach is a grassy meadow located at a height of 2600 meters and it is home to Gujjars. The view over there was fascinating and we took many photos from there. This place is surrounded by forests. We made a tent and stayed there. On the next day, we were actually leaving the forest area . The ascent trek started and reached the top of the mountain face. Then we crossed a ridge and reached Eitikat Odi which is the junction between Rupin and Supin valley. Realized that it will be a trouble for beginners and we won't recommend it for them. We continued the trek after taking a rest.

The trek to Dalhar started the next day. Dalhar is a grassy top that offered us a splendid view of snow-capped peaks. That was truly a feast for our eyes. We could see  Kedar Kantha peak on one side and Sewa village on the other side from this spot. After spending some time there, we moved to reach Devbasa. It is a campsite situated at a height of 3650 meters.

Then came the most challenging part of our trek; from Devbasa to Baraadsar campsite which was our final destination. It was mostly uphill with a steep climb to Baraadsar Ridge. The climb was literally more tricky than we expected and we encountered snow and glaciers on our way. But we all had a strong desire to reach the top and it motivated us. Finally, we reached the top and its beauty proved that our efforts were worth it. Such an amazing view!!! It was so beautiful that we could not get our eyes off it! We took a lot of pictures and it was very exciting.

On 17th, we started our return journey back to Dehradun. That was also slightly challenging. We carefully walked to Devbasa and camped at Sara forest. It took 2 days. After that, we went for a small trek to Boincha and Jakhol and finally reached Dehradun.

The view over there was splendid and will remain a beautiful experience for all of us.

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